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Houston, May 29, 2020 ( - Stumpler announces the free shipping to help with the struggle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The site offers products at wholesale prices to end consumers, giving the benefit of having desired products from Home Appliances, Laptops, Desktops, Clothing Apparels, Jewelry, and more right to the doorstep.

Part of Stumpler's remarkable influence stems from the sheer variety of its product lines and the way it touches our everyday lives. As modest online appliances to clothing sellers have grown organically and by accretion internet giants.

It has a full edition of Apparels, including small matching jewelry, and shoes in the variation of sizes. For thousands of consumers rely on to perform daily tasks, has made it easy to shop at any time of the week with convenience and cashier-less. All of that growth has helped make Stumpler fastest growing business online.

In the upcoming weeks, Stumpler will examine the many ways to make shopping convenient as getting online financing and approvals within 15 seconds during the checkout process. After all, most consumers delight in the ability to get a large selection of products with cost-saving and discounts. The upside to Stumpler's business model not having "Middleman" reduces the cost of the product and extra commission's where sellers pay on different platforms to sell similar products.

Do Stumpler Carry Brands?

Essentially Stumpler sold Laptops, Desktops, Kitchen Appliances, and Home Goods, but taking the focus to expand added new product lines from Clothing to Jewelry.

Selection of brand items can be limited in physical stores, but with Stumpler you can browse and compare brand items such as this dinnerware set. The wide variety makes it difficult to get the perfect choice for a household. Stumpler has focus to bring it to consumers' fingertips.

Electronics with

Finding the right Laptop or Desktop could be very difficult for a person, where they might not understand which would be the best configuration for their home-based business or also for schoolwork. With the experience of the techs at Stumpler that is made easy. Where they can explain and guide them to the right product purchase online via online live chat available 24/7.

Home-based business has funding limitations and would require to either compromise with the equipment they buy for the business needs. At Stumpler, with their refurbished top-rated Apple Laptops & Desktops you can buy for half the retail price.

But until today, there has been just one problem. There is a barrier to entry into buying these products for low prices as major corporations have overhead expenses and add extra cost to even refurbished products. At Stumpler they have it shipped directly out of the warehouse as the overhead expenses are cut out and entrepreneurs can afford high-quality products for a reasonable price.

Another option for entrepreneurs is to get the financing done through high interest and pay over time. But it is still very expensive for a home-based or a startup company to spend high Dollars. Stumpler offers financing through major different vendors with interest-free where approval results in 15-30 seconds during the checkout process online.

But starting today, entrepreneurs can acquire high-quality computers overnight at the right price, and begin focusing on their business.

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