Over 30,000 Companies And People Rely On Cranes For Sale Online

August 12, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Crane Network LLC, a Chicago, Illinois provider of cranes for sale online including rental, has revealed that more than 30,000 individuals and companies are relying on their online services to effectively manage their fleet for the sale and rental of cranes and equipment. This means that the company makes it easy for companies or individuals to sell their construction crane. In fact, the company offers marketing packages depending on how long they want their crane to be listed on the site as for sale.

“We have been connecting buyers and sellers of cranes, heavy equipment, parts, and attachments for 20 years,” says Paul Paliwoda, chief operating officer at Crane Network LLC. He continues, “As one of the oldest, most recognized names in the online equipment marketplace, Crane Network has maintained its position simply by meeting its mission: To actively assist you in the sale of your equipment. That is why more than 30,000 companies and individuals now depend on us in managing their fleet of construction equipment. If they need to dispose of some cranes, they can come to us and we’ll help in selling them. If they need to rent a particular crane, they can also come to us because we have a ready list of equipment for rent.”

For instance, Crane Network LLC has a several cranes for sale on their site. These include the 2012 Grove GMK6350L from Marcello Cranes; the Liebherr LTM 1070-4.1 from AMCO Machinery & Consulting; the 2106 Grove GMK5250L from Ayr Equipment International Inc.; the 2008 Demag AC160-2 from Quality Cranes & Equipment LLC; the 2017 Grove GMK5150L from Quality Cranes & Equipment LLC; the 2012 Grove GMK 5165-2 from Quality Cranes & Equipment LLC; and the 2002 Liebherr LTM1250-1 300 US Ton All Terrain Crane from Quality Cranes & Equipment LLC.

Also available are crawler telescopic boom cranes. These include the 2015 Manitex GT50155SHL mounted on a Prinoth® Go-Tract® 4500 tracked carrier from H and H Crane and Equipment Inc.; the 2009 Sany SCC3000 300 ton Hydraulic Crawler Crane from Imperial Crane Sales Inc.; the 2018 Tadano Mantis GTC600 66 ton crawler crane from Exact Crane & Equipment Corp.; the 2015 Manitowoc 11000-1 crawler crane from Ring Power Crane; the 2009 Manitowoc 999 T3 275 ton crawler crane from Ring Power Crane; and the 2015 Grove GHC75 hydraulic crawler crane from Ring Power Crane.

Also available on the Crane Network LLC website are parts for construction equipment. These include the Berulub GD 50 H1 Spray Dust Remover; the Berulit GA 2500 Open Gear Lubricant Spray; drag line bucket chains from Exact Crane & Equipment; the hydraulic clam bucket from Giuffre Bros. Cranes Inc.; the hydraulic dumper with hydraulic bottom doors/ dumpable refuse container from Giuffre Bros. Cranes Inc.; the track pads for Terext HC275 crawler crane from Canlift Crane Inc.; shackles from Empire Crane Co. LLC; the boom dolly from Gorosh Cranes; and the link-belt third drum from Rexco Equipment Inc.

Various cranes are also available for rent. These include the 2018 Tadano GR-550XL from Flaherty Equipment Repair Corp.; the 2015 Manitex GT50155SHL mounted on a Prinoth® Go-Tract® 4500 tracked carrier from H and H Crane and Equipment Inc.; the Potain Igo T130 from Forteza Crane Rental LLC; the 2007 Terex HC275 from Mega Cranes Ltd.; the 2004 Liebherr LTM 12001-1 from Mega Cranes Ltd.; the Terex CBR 36H-4 self-erecting tower crane from Triple Springs Properties; the 2016 Kobelco CK1600G from Cropact Equipment Inc.; and the 2005 Broderson IC-200-2F from Dozier Crane & Machinery Inc.

Those who want to buy a particular crane or construction equipment can also post their requirements on the website. Examples include a telescopic jib for a Grove RT530E-2; an auxiliary tip extension with 2 block for a Link-Belt LS218H crawler crane with tubular bloom; and a second stage boom and any extend cylinder parts for the Mantis 100100MX 50-ton truck mounted telescopic boom crane.

Those who want to offer their mobile cranes for sale online or want to buy or rent equipment, can visit their website, or contact them by telephone or via email.


For more information about Crane Network LLC, contact the company here:

Crane Network LLC
Paul Paliwoda
(214) 612-7626
400 Illinois St., Lemont, IL 60439

ReleaseID: 60030090

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