New Initiative To Fight Age Discrimination

Help For Over 45 Long Term Unemployed

Danville, Nov 21, 2020 ( - In a recent survey 88% of recruiters stated that age is a problem. With the economy further devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic, unemployment for the older worked is fast becoming a major issue in the United States.

To fight the consequences of age discrimination in recruitment, the marketing consulting agency ProspectSurge has started a GoFundMe Account.

The idea is to build an investment fund to help over 45-year-old long term unemployed workers launch online businesses. The fund will consider proposals and provide starter packages for qualified applicants.

ProspectSurge will provide their marketing consultancy and business advice free of charge. Their experience will direct budding entrepreneurs to low cost or even no cost marketing technology stacks and highly cost-effective promotional platforms such as RelyCircle to help sell their products and services.

Successful graduates of the Phoenix-On-Fire programs will be encouraged to repay their investment creating an opportunity for someone else to launch their own online. business.

Founded in 2020, Phoenix-On-Fire is an initiative to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem for older unemployed workers visit phoenix-on-fire | Prospect Surge

Kenneth Hills, Phoenix-On-Fire Founder


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174 El Dorado Ave, Unit 4

Source :ProspectSurge

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